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Myriam Bérubé
Student at the Professional Master's Degree in Physiotherapy (UdeM)
Thesis topic: Considering sex and gender issues in the prevention of occupational injuries for students enrolled in the Work-Oriented Training Path (WOTP).
Thesis advisor: Marie Laberge (UdeM)
Vanessa Blanchette-Luong
Doctoral student in psychology (UQAM)
Thesis topic: Work-family balance and gender analysis in an intervention context.
Thesis advisors: Nathalie Houlfort (UQAM) and Karen Messing (UQAM)
Sarah Bourdeau
Doctoral student in psychology (UQAM)
Thesis topic: Predicting the use of organizational work-life balance devices: The role of social norms.
Thesis advisor: Nathalie Houlfort (UQAM)
Geneviève Cloutier
Postdoctoral student in Industrial Relations (UQO)
Research topic: Considering sex and gender while studying the impact of assaults and workplace culture on safety practices, danger level at work and employment injuries in specialized occupations.
Advisors: Jessica Riel (UQO) and Valérie Lederer (UQO)
Jean-Paul Dautel
Doctoral student in law (University of Ottawa and Université Lyon II)
Thesis topic: The place and effectiveness of French and Quebec law in terms of the professional integration of people with a mental illness.
Thesis advisor: Katherine Lippel (UOttawa)
Émilie Desjardins
Interdisciplinary doctoral student in health and society (UQAM)
Thesis topic: Evaluation of an ergonomic training intervention aimed at the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in sectors with manual handling: implementation process and economic results.
Thesis advisor: Hélène Sultan-Taïeb (ESG-UQAM)
Marie-Ève Desmarais
Candidate for the Master's degree in International Law (UQAM)
Thesis topic: The contributions of international law in the development of Quebec's internal law on domestic violence in the workplace: the recognition of an employer's obligation of prevention in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
Thesis advisor: Rachel Cox (UQAM)
Ammon Lilyane Djoulde Alou
Ph.D. candidate in Industrial Relations (Université Laval)
Thesis topic: The stakes of working time: union activity in relation to stand-by duty development.
Thesis advisors: Geneviève Baril-Gingras (Université Laval) and Mélanie Lefrançois (UQAM)
Rachel Faust
Master student in Management Sciences – Human Resources profile (UQAM)
Research topic: Data generated by new technological devices: gender-based perspectives on issues related to psychosocial risks and occupational health and safety prevention management.
Advisor: Mélanie Lefrançois (UQAM)
Audrey Goupil


Sophie Hélène Matte
Master's student in Industrial Relations and Human Resources (UQO)
Thesis topic: Discrimination in the workplace towards trans and gender nonconforming people.
Thesis advisors: Jessica Riel (UQO) and Isabel Côté (UQO)
Gabrielle Morneau El-Hajal
Master's student in international law (UQAM)
Thesis topic: The recruitment of seasonal agricultural workers under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program: A study of the recruitment conditions of workers from Mexico.
Thesis advisor: Dalia Gesualdi-Fecteau (UQAM)
Rita Naji
Interdisciplinary doctoral student in health and society (UQAM)
Thesis topic: Evaluation of the process and effects of an internal policy against psychological harassment in the workplace.
Thesis advisor: Hélène Sultan-Taïeb (UQAM)
Geneviève Richard


Rosalie Rivet-Nantais
Master student in Management Science - Organizational Development profile (UQAM)
Research topic: Organizational change management practices: relational issues and gender-based perspectives for occupational health and safety.
Advisors: Johanne Saint-Charles (UQAM) and Mélanie Lefrançois (UQAM)
Fatima Tajini
Doctoral student in law (University of Ottawa)
Thesis topic: Violence against women in the workplace in Morocco and its impact on their health, in an interdisciplinary framework and from a feminist perspective.
Thesis advisor: Katherine Lippel (University of Ottawa)
Maxine Visotzky-Charlebois
Master's student in labour law (UQAM)
Thesis topic: The human and financial costs of justice: what impact on access to justice for injured and sick people at work?
Thesis advisor: Dalia Gesualdi-Fecteau